AluFusion System

Aluminium and PVC-U in a unique marriage

AluFusion is a new type of window and residential door system with 70 mm construction depth whose predominant property lies in the union of aluminium and PVC-U. Besides the familiar functions of an aluminium cover, the special features of AluFusion include in addition the sliding connection between the functional aluminium and PVC-U sash profiles and the absent glazing bead.

The aluminium profile takes over the static functions, so steel reinforcement in the PVC-U profile is needed only in special cases. This absence of steel serves to enhance further the outstanding thermal insulation properties that AluFusion has to start with, for a Uf value of 1.2 W/(m²K).

In producing its PVC profiles, KÖMMERLING not only makes use of regrinds, but its virgin PVC-U is exclusively free of lead with environmentally friendly stabilisers based on calcium and zinc.

KÖMMERLING AluFusion – residential door

•    Flush design of straight lines with butt joined aluminium profiles

•    Transparent design in the inside view as well – a glazing bead is no longer necessary

•    Max sash sizes

1100 x 2300 mm – without sash steel

1200 x 2500 mm – with sash steel

•    For special 20–40 mm functional glazing

•    Second continuous sealing layer for good tightness properties.

•    Threshold with thermal break, flush locking plate, and concealed fasteners

•    Class 6A aluminium weather bar for additional protection against driving rain