based on structural glazing technology

The future of the modern window has begun.

GlassWin is a 70 mm window system used in the production of innovative PVC-U windows.

This system features a bond between the pane and the frame structure, a technology known from frame construction.

The principle is an adhesive join that transmits forces and reinforces the window sash with a stepped insulating pane. As a consequence, elements for PVC windows can now be manufactured in sizes that earlier were possible only with considerably larger profile dimensions.

Moreover the GlassWin system does away with the steel reinforcement for the sash, and its optimised multi-chamber structure positions the pane for the maximised thermal insulation effects. Both components contribute towards the reduction of heat losses.

In addition, GlassWin exhibits excellent dimensional stability for ensured, permanent functional efficiency.

The particular static properties of the GlassWin system allow slim and therefore more elegant frame structures. The sash profile is completely covered by the glass pane and is not visible from the outside. This means that considerably more light enters the building for the users’ benefit.