One material – many applications: KÖMAPAN
Are you looking for a single material that can be used for all the usual lining, facing, cladding and paneling jobs, both indoors and outdoors – and that is also high-quality and virtually maintenance-free ? Then you need look no further than KÖMAPAN.

KÖMAPAN tongue and groove profiles and facing panels are easy to work and easy to look after; and they offer countless ways of lending your home a really distinguished, aesthetic finish.

The KÖMAPAN system includes all the necessary additional components such as claws for fastening the panels and of course corner and end sections; you are assured an aesthetic finish – even on the most awkward building jobs, even in the tightest angles.

Advantages over conventional cladding and paneling systems: KÖMAPAN

  • Thermal insulation KÖMAPAN, thanks to its excellent insulating properties, makes an effective contribution to the cause of saving energy.
  • Long useful life
    Anyone deciding in favor of KÖMAPAN can look forward to enjoying the benefits for many, many years to come.
  • Environmental protection
    KÖMAPAN protects the environment by making all the paint and varnish normally needed for regular upkeep completely superfluous. And PVC is nowadays almost 100-percent recyclable.
  • Maintenance-friendly
    KÖMAPAN saves us all the time, effort, and cost usually associated with recurrent renovation work; expensive and time-consuming repainting is simply no longer necessary.
  • Weather-resistance
    Torrential rain, driving snow, howling wind cannot harm KÖMAPAN.
  • Dimensional stability
    So long as you follow our processing guidelines, KÖMAPAN tongue-and-groove profiles will retain their dimensional stability and stay “in good shape” for many, many years to come.
  • Flexibility
    Façades, gables, garage doors, street doors, balconies
  • Easy to process
    To work these materials you can use virtually any of the tools and machines familiar from wood and metal processing (e.g. sawing, drilling, turning, routing).
    A complete all-in-one cladding and paneling system: KÖMAPAN

Basic material:
The basic material used is PVC-U (polyvinyl chloride – unplasticized); this is flame-resistant and self-extinguishing. KÖMAPAN profiles are available as solid sections. They have proven their outstanding worth over more than a decade. Thanks to our quality-monitored process engineering and the high-grade material components used, these profiles will withstand all adverse weathering and environmental influences. The solid profiles are manufactured using a specially developed PVC foaming procedure that enables us to combine solidity with low weight.

Glass-fiber reinforcement:
To ensure that these solid profiles are of a consistently high quality the material used is also glass-fiber-reinforced. It is this procedure that gives KÖMAPAN cladding and paneling profiles the decisive market edge. Their toughness, stability, and expansion and contraction behavior make for the highest possible dimensional stability.