OmbraPlus Boarded and French shutter Systems

Shade, insulation and beauty.

Shade in the summer.
The shadows cast by the slats create a Mediterranean air and a relaxing atmosphere inviting you to let it all hang out.

Protected privacy – away from prying eyes.
Your private affairs are your private affairs. French shutters protect your privacy, and let us live our own lives undisturbed and protected from inquisitive eyes.

Thermal insulation in winter. Sound insulation the whole year.
French shutters present an effective check to wind and weather. Moreover they generate an air cushion between inside and outside – for a double effect. On the one hand heat stays inside and cold outside – an important contribution towards keeping your energy costs low. On the other hand the air cushion functions as sound insulation that keeps noise outside and so provides for peace and quiet inside.

Beauty that comes from the outside.
French shutters take up a considerable part of the façade area and so utilise their classical charm to afford a key contribution to the elevated style and outward appearance of your home.

Ventilation for the ideal indoor climate.
A typical effect that makes the French shutter so unique: cooling air can come in, but the sun stays outside.

A little more security.
Todays French shutters are also designed to fulfil an important function in keeping out unwanted guests. As an additional obstacle they put an effective stop to easy entry and so give you a feeling of warmth and security. #