PremiVent is the clever solution for the modernisation of existing buildings. This high end product from the KÖMMERLING ventilator series is the simple, economical, and sustainable solution to the problems of the housing industry. At the Praxis Altbau competition hosted jointly by BAKA, Messe München, and BauVerlag BV, one of the 2011 product innovation awards went to “PremiVent” for its efficiency and economy.
The heart of PremiVent is the integrated counterflow enthalpy exchanger. In the enthalpy exchanger, a membrane with special salts acts like a sponge, absorbing the water vapour on the warm air side and releasing it to the cold air side. This process extracts the energy from the water vapour. Enthalpy exchangers can therefore achieve a heat recovery efficiency of 80% for a pleasant indoor climate.
Further modifications are unnecessary: it is simply installed when the window is replaced. PremiVent makes mould and costly, complete renovations a thing of the past. The perfected technology helps to reduce asthma complaints and improve air quality. Our new ventilation system represents reduced incidental expenses and increased value of living, and fulfils in addition all of the legal requirements.
This product was developed in collaboration with the Zehnder Group, the market leader for deluxe ventilation systems with heat recovery in Europe.

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