RolaPlus Roller shutter boxes

The advantages.

Winter heat retention.
For instance, insulated glazing improves heat retention in the cold season through closed roller shutters by about 25%.

Sound insulation.
The sound insulation of the entire structure can be improved when there is an adequate gap between the window and the roller shutter.

Safety and security.
Roller shutters are indispensable for protecting both property and privacy. When down it conveys the feeling of safety and security.

Summer heat protection.
Protection against the summer heat involves the closed roller shutters’ minimising the heating in rooms caused essentially by sunlight entering through the windows. The result should be a comfortable indoor climate.

Mould prevention.
A further purpose of heat protection is to generate a sufficiently high temperature on the inside surfaces of buildings that prevents condensation from forming in living quarters at the usual room temperatures. If this is not the case, air humidity may continue to rise and precipitate on cold indoor walls, penetrating the masonry and providing a fertile medium for mould.