Shutter and Screening Systems

RolaPlus Roller shutter boxes

Roller shutters are reliable regulators of light entering rooms. They provide for well-being and shield against peering eyes, cold, heat, noise, wind, rain, hail, sun, and energy losses. They save heating costs and therefore contribute towards the protection of the environment.

Roller shutters can be operated with belt pulls, belt pull gears, crank mechanisms, or motor drives. Motorised operations combined with modern automated control raise considerably the protective effects of these “mechanical guards”.


Classical beauty

French shutters feature not only highly convincing functionality, but are also regarded as a key design element of the façade. Today‘s models emphasise more particularly the decorative aspect in addition to their ventilation and privacy functions. French shutters of PVC-u or aluminium, in an imaginative design and with many colours, provide a distinctive characteristic to any façade, giving your home an individual face and ultimately an expression of classical beauty.